Rp. 1.980.000-, / Unit

Berat: 1000 (gram)

PJEZC00000 - Refrigeration controller 3 relays: compressor (8 A), defrost (8 A), fan (8 A), 2 NTC probes, 1 digital input, removable terminals - low temperature ventilated units

This part number has replaced the PJ32C00000 which is now phased out

PJEZ* (models S, C, Y and X) represent a range of electronic microprocessor controllers with LED display developed for the management of refrigerating units, display cabinets and showcases.
Models PJEZS* are designed for the management of static refrigerating units (no fan on the evaporator) operating at temperatures above 0°C.
Models PJEZC* are designed for the management of low temperature ventilated refrigerating units.
Finally, models PJEZ(Y, X)* are designed for the management of static refrigerating units (no fan) operating at low temperatures.
Note: model Y= relays connected electronically internally; model X= independent relays.

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Technical specifications
power supply (*) 230 Vac +10 /-15% 50/60 Hz; 115 Vac +10 /-15% 50/60 Hz
rated power 1,5 VA
inputs (*) NTC or PTC probes 1 or 3 inputs. 
Digital input as alternative to third probe
relay outputs (*) 2 HP relay UL: 12 to 12 FLA 72 LRA, EN60730-1: 10(10) A 250 Vac (**)
16 A relay UL: 14 A Res. EN60730-1: 14(2) A or 10(4) A (N.O. only) 5FLA, 30LRA 250 Vac, C300
8 A relay UL: 8 A Res. 2 FLA 12 LRA, EN60730-1: 6(2) A or 8(3) A (N.O. only)
5 A relay UL: 5 A Res. 1 FLA 6 LRA EN60730-1: 5(1) A
type of probe (*) Std CAREL NTC 10 KΩ at 25 °C, Std CAREL PTC 985 Ω at 0 °C
connections (*) screw terminals for cables with cross-sect. from 0.5 mm2 to 1.5 mm2. Plug-in terminals for screw blocks or with crimped contact (cable cross-sect. up to 2.5 mm2). Rated maximum current per terminal 12 A.
assembly (*) terminal: using screws from the front panel or with rear brackets. Interface: wall mounting, 4 screws, spacing 101x151 mm
display 3 digit LED display with sign (-199 to 999) and decimal point; six status LEDs
operating conditions -10T50 °C - humidity <90% rH non-condensing
storage conditions -20T70 °C - humidity <90% rH non-condensing
range of measurement -50T90 °C (-58T194 °F) - resolution 0.1 °C/°F
front panel index of protection panel installation with IP65 gasket
case plastic terminal, 81x36x65 mm
classification according to protection against electric shock Class II when suitably integrated
environmental pollution normal
PTI of the insulating material 250 V
period of stress across the insulating parts long
category of resistance to heat and fire category D (UL94 - V0)
immunity against voltage surges category 1
type of action and disconnection 1C relay contacts
no. of relay automatic operating cycles (*) EN60730-1: 6(2) A, 2(2) A, 5(1) A and 10(10) A: 100,000, 14(2) A: 30,000. UL: (250 Vac) 30,000 operations
software class and structure Class A
cleaning the instrument Only use neutral detergents and water.

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