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The EVD evolution series of controllers for electronic valves is the latest step in the development of the famous CAREL drivers for superheat control.

Compared to the standard EVD, this instrument adds advanced functions and a new user interface that makes it even easier to use and configure.

Main functions:

• Control of Carel valves as well as Sporlan, Alco and Danfoss

• pLAN Protocol

• superheat control with auxiliary protectors - MOP, LOP, low superheat

• assisted start-up procedure (just 4 parameters)

• connection diagram visible on the display

• multilanguage graphic display, with “help” on the various parameters

• management of multiple units of measure

• user management with passwords to access different levels of configuration

• copy parameters to other EVDs using the display

• LEDs for monitoring the main parameters

• use of ratiometric or 4-20mA transducers (the latter shared between several drivers)

• second digital input for defrost management

• possibility to use backup probes

Combined with the CAREL ExV series electronic expansion valves, the EVD evolution driver forms an integrated control system for the evaporator that optimises operation and achieves high levels of energy saving.

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The EVD evolution driver can control an electronic expansion valve in a refrigerant circuit with Digital Scroll compressor, if integrated with a specific CAREL controller via LAN.

In addition, it features adaptive control that can evaluate the effectiveness of superheat control and if necessary activate one or more tuning procedures. Together with superheat control, it can manage an auxiliary control function selected between condensing temperature protection and “modulating thermostat”.

As regards network connectivity, the driver can be connected to either of the following:

• a pCO programmable controller to manage the controller via pLAN, tLAN and RS485/Modbus®;

• a PlantVisorPRO supervisor via RS485/Modbus®. In this case, On/Off control is performed via digital input 1 or 2, if suitably configured.

As well as control start/stop, digital inputs 1 and 2 can be configured for the following:

- optimised valve control after defrost;

- Valve forced open (100%);

- control backup;

- control safety;

- optimised defrost management.

 EVD evolution comes with a LED board to indicate the operating status, or a graphic display (accessory) that can be used to perform installation, following a guided commissioning procedure involving setting just 4 parameters:

- refrigerant

- valve

- pressure probe

- type of main control (chiller, showcase, etc.).

The procedure can also be used to check that the probe and valve motor wiring is correct.

Once installation is complete, the display can be removed, as it is not necessary for the operation of the driver, or alternatively kept in place to display the significant system variables, any alarms and when necessary set the control parameters.

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