Rp. 3.762.000-, / Unit

Berat: 1000 (gram)

MCH2001030 - MicroChiller2 SE - Phased out: This has been replaced by UCHBP00000090 


Please consult the comparative table at this link to identify the equivalent model.


The µC2 SE represents the technological evolution of the µC2 series. 
All the µC2 SE series controllers in fact feature microprocessors with RISC technology and optional real time clock, ensuring top-of-the-range performance and user friendliness. The µC2 SE series is available in the panel mounting version, and the wiring is plug-in with Molex® connectors, reducing dimensions, simplifying and speeding up installation.
µC2 SE can manage chiller/HP units (air to water, water to water), condensing units, air to air units (direct and reverse), rooftop units with temperature freecooling management. Maximum configuration up to four hermetic or two semi-hermetic compressors, maximum two circuits, with one electronic expansion valve per circuit.

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New features of the Microchiller 2SE (Second Edition) compared from the Microchiller 2

- New microprocessor with risc technology, more speed, more flexibility in terms of memory size, flash memory

- New feature for process chillers:

* Autotuning on evaporator setpoint and proportional band

* Autodiagnostic on evaporator and condenser

* Alarms logging

* RTC with backup battery

- Sliding defrost for residential and north europe Heat pump

- Regulation on delta temperature for swimingpool applications 

- µe-dronic compatibility

- new feature for rootop

* thermostatic freecooling and freeheating damper management

* automatic chance over

* ambient terminal compatibility

- digital output selectable for more general purpose

- compatible with µC² expansion board since version 1.5

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