THP00C0000 - MOTOR PROTECTOR 115/120-230/240 VAC (also known as THP00C0001)

The THP motor protection module has been especially designed for scroll compressors. According to the DIN 44081/082 standards, up to 9 PTC temperature sensors, with different rated response temperatures, can be connected in series to the input of the measurement circuit. "Rated temperature" refers to the temperature above which the resistance of the PTC increases very quickly. As soon as the temperature in one of the monitored areas exceeds the rated response temperature of the corresponding PTC sensor, the THP motor protector module is activated, and consequently de-energises the relay. When the protector is activated a timer is started; the protection mechanism can only be disabled 30 minutes after activation, and when the PTC signals (the resistance of the sensors) have fallen below the reset threshold.




Power supply

THP00A0001: 24 Vac (-15% to +10%), 50/60 Hz 
THP00C0001: 115/230 Vac (-15% to +10%), 50/60 Hz


30 min. ±10%


relay 240 V - 2.5 A - 360 VA

Power input

1.5 VA (from transformer)

Operating conditions

-30T70 °C, <90% rH non-condensing

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