Solenoid Valves for Refrigerant Type REV, UEV


  • • Type REV: Pilot operated, 2-way, Normally closed valve.
  • Type UEV: Pilot operated, 2-way, Normally opened valve.
  • • For non-corrosive refrigerant (liquid or gas) in refrigeration,
  • cooling, air conditioning systems.
  • • “Double plunger” construction provides reliable On/Off
  • action.
  • • Compact molded coil commonly fits all valve sizes.
  • • Operates in any position ... can be conveniently located in
  • horizontal or vertical line with coil on top.
  • • Manual Opening Stem ... On Flange connection models,
  • supplied as standard. On Flare or Solder connection
  • models, supplied upon request.


  • • Fluid temperature: −40 to 125°C (Type REV)
  • −40 to 120°C (Type UEV)
  • • Ambient temperature: −30 to 40°C

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