Parker’s V2 and V3, rugged, all steel bodied, tiny hand valves are designed to seat tight and permit isolation of small system components. They are primarily used as gauge (V2) and drain (V3) valves.

Parker’s V2 and V3 small hand valves are a compact and economical solution for gauge isolation and component draining applications. These valves feature non-removable stainless steel stems and a plated housing for enhanced operating life and system safety. These valves are available in many different configurations including straight or angled bodies, MPT or FPT connections, and various extended lengths. This flexibility makes the V2 and V3 suitable for a wide variety of applications including gauge isolation, purge points, remote pilot control, and system draining functions. 

• Industrial Refrigeration
• Commercial Refrigeration

Features and Benefits:
• ASTM Forged Steel Body
• Design Pressure 450 PSIG (PS), 32 bar
• Fluid Temperature Range -40°F to 240°F
• Stainless Steel Stem
• Options: Angle or Globe Body, Extended connection lengths

• Gauge valve
• Service valve
• Pipe line components

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